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5 Best Hidden Places in California

Planning a California road trip that will be worth the journey

So you’re planning on taking a road trip. You’ve already created an epic playlist for the road and you’ve outfitted your car with Bluetooth via your GOgroove FlexSMART FM transmitter. You’re ready to go on a car trek all the way through California… There’s just one problem: you have no idea where you’re going. Sure, you could take a trip to Disneyland (for the fifth time this year) but you’re looking for something new.

If that set of extremely specific circumstances is true for you, then it’s a darn good thing we wrote this article. Here are the top 10 road trip destinations in California that you might not have heard of.

5. The Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, CA)
Winchester Mystery House

Let’s get this first entry out of the way because there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this one. The Winchester House is one of the most famous Haunted Houses on the west coast although the words “haunted” and “house” don’t really do it justice. It is a giant sprawling Victorian mansion commissioned by Sarah Winchester in 1884, with construction lasting 38 years. Apparently designed to “ward off evil spirits,” with its hundreds of rooms, spider web shaped windows, secret passageways, stairs that lead to walls, and doors that lead to nowhere, you’d think the place would actually be inviting to any grim-grinning ghosts that wanted to stay. The house is open for daytime and nighttime tours as well as special events, but as the tour guides warn you, stay with the group or you could get lost for hours.

4. The Museum of Jurassic Technology (Culver City, CA)
Museum of Jurassic Technology

Next we move on to something a little more hidden and obscure. The museum of Jurassic Technology is probably the weirdest museum to ever be conceived, primarily showcasing ‘technologies’ or ‘sciences’ that didn’t really catch on or are now completely useless. The result is a weird, indescribable hodgepodge of antiques and antiquated schools of thought. There’s an entire exhibit about how the string game of Cat’s cradle is “Totally gonna be big you guys”, and another about the practical uses of owning pet bats. If you need a break from the weird, the beautiful garden in the back offers free tea and cookies.

3. Normandy Village (Berkeley, CA)
Normandy Village

Tucked away on a small street in Berkeley, hides a fairy tale village frozen in time…. Kindof. Normandy Village (sometimes called Thornburg Village) is a small town built in the 1920’s made to look like something out of the 1520’s. Most of the buildings are condos or apartments now, but the buildings and gardens in the village still hold their “fantasy” vibe quite well, making Normandy Village a perfect stop for photo shoots or urban exploring.

2. The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles, CA)
The Last Bookstore

When it comes to unique things to do, LA is filled with hidden treasures. The next entry on our list is a bookworm’s paradise- the increasingly instagram-famous labyrinth of The Last Bookstore. This unassuming bookshop has a massive collection of books, records, comics and the likes, but that’s just on the first floor. Climb the stairs to the second floor and you’ll encounter a giant maze built from books, shelves and sculptures, complete with themed areas, tunnels, and beautiful art installations. If you can venture through the twisting halls of the labyrinth, you can access the used books section on the third floor where each book is one dollar.

1. Raygun-Gothic Rocket Ship (San Francisco, CA)
Raygun-Gothic Rocket Ship

Upon researching for this article, we knew there was no other California attraction that could wrap up this list (because what else can end an article better than an honest to goodness rocket ship?!) The Raygun-Gothic Rocket Ship is an interactive art piece funded by Burning Man and built as a collaborative effort by a giant crew of artists. The retro-future design of this 4 story rocket is beautiful both inside and out. The art installation is currently in San Francisco, but it is available to rent for special events and is even available for purchase (so make sure to visit it before it launches and flies away forever)

So what do you think? Thinking of planning a road trip? Be sure to check out the FlexSMART line of FM transmitters from GOgroove to get hands free Bluetooth in your car so you can travel to any of these hidden California attractions.


RST-variation1Across the United States, deals, price slashes and discounts are abundant, especially throughout the holidays. There are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, President’s Day Deals and more! If there’s a holiday, you can bet your wallet that there is a deal to go along with it.

Despite being an integral part of our lives every year, the Daylight Saving ‘holiday’ has never been given the proper deal it deserves. We took to the streets to interview the public and find out the reasoning behind this. After days of careful analysis, we found that the main concern was that people lacked trust in Daylight Saving because of the misleading name. Many argued that we are not actually saving any daylight so why reward the day with a special deal when it has lied to us for all of these years?

Despite the backlash, we at GOgroove, being the trendsetters we are, plan to take the deal to a place it has never been before – Daylight Saving Time! Starting 2/29 and running all the way to Daylight Saving, 3/13, GOgroove is offering an unprecedented deal to help you ring in the time change. Visit the GOgroove BlueSYNC RST Amazon Ad and use promo code CLOCKRST at checkout to receive a $20 discount. Get your hands on the BlueSYNC RST for only $39.99!!! Now that’s a deal worth springing forward for!

TheRST-variation2 GOgroove BlueSYNC RST is more than just another run-of-the mill alarm clock; it also functions as a Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, USB Charger and viewing stand. Dual alarms allow you to set different wake up times with FM or tone alert, and even feature snooze and sleep functions. When you need to charge, you can set your device on the built-in holder and use the 1A USB charging port with your phone’s charging port.

However unfavorable Daylight Saving and its faulty name are to most people, let’s try to look on the bright side – it brought you the deal of a lifetime! Thank GOgroove, thank Benjamin Franklin, thank whoever, just make sure you take advantage of the first official Daylight Saving Deal!

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Bargain Brawlers Celebrate Black “Eye” Friday

Black FridayBlack Friday is here! We have officially stepped into the holiday season, and with that comes intensive bargain hunting, fancy lights and music, and of course the natural urge to stuff our faces with as much food as possible. It’s the holidays… Why not?

But where did this term ‘Black Friday’ officially come from? And if it’s considered Black Friday, why do doorbuster deals start on Thursday?

Last night, as I sat in massive food coma, watching “Survivor,” the greatest reality television show of this generation, there was an internal battle raging inside me: Do I break tradition and shop for Black Friday Deals on a Thursday or do I take a stand and wait for those Friday deals like my ancestors and their ancestors before me? Needless to say the food coma took precedence and I pushed my shopping back until today.

So back to the original question: Where did the term Black Friday come from? Legend has it that the name came from the large amount of black eyes suffered  by these “bargain brawlers” trying to get a deal on the latest tech items. It was originally called Black Eye Friday until 1971, when the “Eye” was dropped from the name and officially became Black Friday. Although we completely made that story up, it almost makes sense no?

But on a serious note, let’s revisit the question we’ve continually failed to answer: Where did it come from? One theory links the name back to retailers, who claim that after an entire year of operating at a loss or ‘in the red,’ they would turn a profit and go ‘into the black.’ A second theory links the name back to 1869 and the crash of the U.S. gold market. Two financiers planned to buy up as much of the nation’s gold as possible to drive up the price and make themselves a large profit. Unfortunately this plan failed and sent the stock market into a large free fall, eventually leading to that day being named Black Friday. Although both seem plausible, the real origin of ‘Black Friday’ comes from the Philadelphia Police. They created the term because of the commotion that would ensue the day after Thanksgiving due to large amount of shoppers as well as tourists coming in advance for the Army-Navy football game played that Saturday. These same police officers were not allowed to take this day off and even had to work extra hours to deal with the traffic, crowds and large amount of shoplifters. By 1961 the term had gained traction in Philadelphia and later was reinvented nationwide sometime in the mid-to-late 1980s.

Now that you are completely caught up or simply just bored with the history lesson we’ve put you through, let us make it up to you with a weekend-long slate of deals! Visit the GOgroove website to take advantage of 15% , 25% , 35% and 45% OFF deals on select items. Remember, there is free shipping on all orders over $35! Don’t get stuck sleeping in tents, freezing as you wait in long lines or fighting off crazed shoppers trying to get a doorbuster deal on a very limited selection. Visit today for hassle free bargain hunting and a great experience every time!

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El Niño is Coming… Get Your Essentials Here!

BlueSYNC-RGD_Hero_V2Winter is coming! For some, it may seem likes it already here. And with this winter season comes the phenomenon sweeping the nation. No not Star Wars; we are talking about El Niño! El Niño you ask? Yes El Niño, “the oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe.” In layman’s terms, it’s going to rain an awful lot across the southern tier of the United States.

What does this mean for you?

  • Shopping for a water-resistant wardrobe
  • Drought stricken States will finally get some water on their dying lawns and plants
  • Time to invest in IPX Rated Equipment

You have another question? What is an IPX Rating? It stands for Ingress Protection and it’s a rating that states the level of resistance your gear or devices have against water, dust and impacts. For matters of El Niño, we will be focusing most on the water-resistant side of the IPX Ratings.

Boasting an IPX4 Rating, the GOgroove BlueSYNC RDG Bluetooth Speaker is the best El Niño speaker on the market. It is water resistant, surrounded by thick silicone and will take a beating while still playing your favorite tunes. This strong IPX4 Rating makes it perfect for El Niño conditions: rain, wind, floods and humidity!

gg-bluevibef1t_mainFor those brave souls planning to bike and jog through the storm, we have an IPX6 water-resistant Bluetooth sports headset for you. The GOgroove BlueVIBE F1T provides comfort, durability and style as you battle those harsh elements.

Whatever you choose, the El Niño is coming and now is as good a time as any to stock up on IPX Rated products. For those of you planning on hibernating throughout the winter, we have a great deal running until this Monday! Use promo code ‘HDXSOUND’ to receive a $5 discount on our brand new GOgroove AudiOHM HDX In-Ear Headphones. They’re ultra-durable, feature soft gel earbuds and a noise isolating design, and even include an in-line microphone. Secure yours today As always, any purchase over $35 gets free shipping!

Flash Deal: 1¢ GOgroove BlueSYNC H2O Bluetooth Shower Speaker

BlueSYNC_H20_3Year_NoCallAfter a brief hiatus, we are back and better than ever! We apologize to the countless number of fans affected by our “dead” airwaves but we are starting our comeback with a bang! And by bang, we mean more bang for your buck or in this case your penny. To express our sincerest apologies, we are proud to bring you our first “Groove Grab!”

Come visit and LIKE our Facebook page this Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 10am PST to be one of the lucky fans to get one of 50 1¢ codes given out for our GOgroove BlueSYNC H2O Bluetooth Shower Speaker. To sweeten the deal, we will be offering another 50 1¢ codes on Wednesday, Oct. 21st and Thursday, Oct. 22nd. That’s 3 chances to get your hands on a Bluetooth shower speaker for just a penny! For those of you who miss out, we will have an additional 150 codes dropping the speaker to $12.99! Visit and LIKE the page here

So why is this important for you? Let’s discuss a brief history of the penny as it hits you that you’ve just came across the deal of a lifetime:

  • The penny was the first currency of any type authorized by the United States
  • The original penny was 5x times heavier and almost 50% larger than today’s version
  • The first penny was struck in 1787 by a private mint
  • No pennies were minted in 1815 due to a copper shortage cause by the War of 1812
  • In 1909 to commemorate his 100th birthday, Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to be placed on a U.S. coin

Still not sold? Did you know shower speakers cause positive life impacts on all those affected? Take a look:

  • Ultimate singing in the shower companion
  • Unlimited potential to listen to high quality music anytime, anywhere
  • Don’t lose the adrenaline rush from working out. Take your workout tunes with you as you cool down in the shower
  • Never worry about a wet phone again! This bad boy has a speakerphone that allows you to take hands-free calls

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GGBSRST100BKUS_MainMutants. They are defined as an “organism or new genetic character arising or resulting from an instance of mutation, which is a base-pair sequence change within the DNA of a gene or chromosome of an organism.” Mutations are seen as an important step in the process of evolution.

When you think of mutants, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the X-Men Comics or Movies. In addition to those fictional mutants, there are many real life mutants living amongst us. Finnish Olympic skiing champion Eero Mantyranta had a mutation which resulted in his ability to carry 50 percent more oxygen in his bloodstream, essentially giving him super endurance. Actor Marilu Henner has a mutation called hyperthymesia which allows her to remember every detail, big or small, of her entire life. One of the craziest mutants in the animal kingdom is the platypus. The platypus is equipped with a duck bill, beaver tail, otter foot and the ability to lay eggs, all while boasting intense venom capable of causing severe pain to humans. Points being that many mutants still walk alongside us today!

Why all the mutant talk? In the last few weeks, we at GOgroove came to the realization that we too have a mutant walking amongst us; the GOgroove BlueSYNC RST. On the surface it looks like your run-of-the-mill alarm clock. You couldn’t be more wrong. In addition to telling time and waking you up in the morning, the BlueSYNC RST functions as a Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio, USB Charger and Viewing Stand! The RST features NFC capabilities, A2DP and AVRCP for high-fidelity audio transmission, plus onboard controls for pairing, volume control, pause, play, and even answering / ending a phone call. At second glance, this kind of puts the platypus to shame huh?

With mutants on your mind and the RST telling time, take this opportunity to get your hands on one of the most well-rounded mutants of our time. Like all GOgroove products, the BlueSYNC RST is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Find all the information you need on the BlueSYNC RST and other GOgroove products at

2015 NBA Draft #NBADraft

Basketball-draftV2Two months ago we provided you with a NFL Mock Draft of the ever popular GOgroove Groove Pal Speakers. With the majority of those players participating in NFL organized team activities or OTAs, it was slim pickings for tonight’s NBA Draft. We searched the globe looking for the best and brightest the hardtop had to offer. When you’re on top of your game, only the best will suffice! We needed someone who was aggressive on the backboards, had good ball handling skills and range from three point land. We were hard pressed to find anyone better than the GOgroove Pal Bot Speaker. With a 64 inch vertical and handles that would make the Professor blush, there is no doubt the Pal Bot Speaker will be chosen first overall in tonight’s NBA Draft.

The GOgroove Pal Bot not only boasts range from the 3-point line but impressive range of sound. It features two dual drive stereo speakers paired with a passive subwoofer to give you a performance not regularly seen from today’s NBA talent. A long-lasting, rechargeable Lithium polymer battery ensures this speaker will last deep into the 4th quarter. No substitutions required! The compact and portable construction gives it the ability to dribble-drive through the paint and finish with style. The movable arms and glowing LED eyes strike fear into the hearts of any opponent daring enough to try and guard him. We anticipate many teams trying to trade up to draft the Pal Bot, but only one will be lucky enough to land such a hot commodity. Tune in tonight to find out!

For more information on the GOgroove Pal Bot Speaker and his Draft status, visit


GOgroove by Accessory Power Proudly Supports ‘Operation Gratitude’

OpGrat_DRK_BLUE.logoOperation Gratitude is a nonprofit organization that “seeks to lift spirits and meet the evolving needs of our Active Duty and Veteran communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for all Americans to express their appreciation to members of our Military.” The organization meets these goals by sending care packages stuffed with food, entertainment and personal letters. Each package costs only $15 to put together and since its start in 2003, Operation Gratitude has shipped over one million of these care packages.

One of the Operation Gratitude campaigns that caught our eye was that of Tom Connolly, and his plans to walk across the United States to raise money and awareness. Tom set out on his journey on April 25th, with the goal of raising $30,000 for the organization. After speaking with Tom we decided to get involved. We not only donated some apparel but also a portable solar panel charger, a USB battery power bank and a pair of our Lifetime Warranty indestructible GOgroove RNF headphones. In addition, we are also donating 0.25 cents per mile that Tom walks. We are doing everything we can to help Tom reach his goal of $30,000 and raise awareness for this amazing organization. If you would like to learn more about his journey or donate to his cause please visit:


The Highs and Lows of the Cube

BlueSYNC_BX_SILVER_MAIN_LRGCubes and square-shaped items have been a staple of the human race since the beginning. In Ancient China, the earth was originally believed to be flat and square. Sail a bit too far and you’d fall right off the side. As technology evolved, cubes became more and more dangerous. It all started with the invention of geometry. To this day, those cubes continue to hurt my brain and haunt my dreams. And due to such mathematical equations, the Star Trek Borg Cubes were born, creating a Unicomplex of conduits and transportation hubs.

Now that the idea of cubes scares you silly and makes you believe that ‘resistance is futile,’ lets discuss the sweeter side of cubes and their square-shaped cousins. Some of the more popular edible cube items include sugar cubes and ice cubes. Where would we be as a culture without either of those items? Last and certainly not least, is the cube in the running for the most popular of all: the Rubik’s Cube. The Rubik’s cube continues to be the top-selling puzzle on earth. It was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and Professor Erno Rubik. It was originally named the ‘Magic Cube’ until it was eventually changed to the Rubik’s Cube in 1980.

Now that you’re feeling a little better about cubes and square shaped objects as a whole, let’s talk about a cube that’s truly magic. Of course that would be the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX. The magic about this cube is that it plays music wirelessly through Bluetooth or NFC, flash drive or 3.5mm aux connection. It’s even equipped with a mini-usb charging port and a rechargeable battery. Believe it or not, this cube gets sweeter than the sugar cubes we spoke of before – it comes in either gunmetal silver or wood grain. This square-shaped speaker pumps out impressive volume and is the perfect party, travel and outdoors accessory. We didn’t create the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX to restore your faith in cubes but hopefully it will put you on the right track.

For a limited time, the BlueSYNC BX will be $10 off and free shipping. Use Coupon Code: SAVEBX at checkout between Monday May 11th and Monday May 18th to receive your discount! For more information on the GOgroove BlueSYNC BX and our entire list of cube shaped items, visit our website at

2015 NFL DRAFT #NFLDraft

palbot-football-draftIt’s finally here! That one day, that acts as a bridge between the Super Bowl and start of the preseason. That one day where dreams are made while others are crushed. The NFL Draft is upon us! #NFLDraft. For those of us who didn’t think we’d make it through the darkness, scared we’d never see another football again; the NFL Draft gives us a 3 day beacon of hope. The countless mock drafts, analysis, arguments and debates come to an end on this day. Starting at 8pm ET, the first pick will be made and we are off for a weekend of selections, ear to ear smiles and even some tears.

Now some of you may be thinking, is the NFL Draft really that big of a deal? The answer is yes. The first round of last year’s 2014 NFL Draft drew a combined total viewership of 32 million viewers across the NFL Network and ESPN channels. Across all 3 days, the coverage averaged 12.4 million viewers! It’s gotten so big that even our world famous GOgroove Groove Pals got in the mix. Participating in their own Mock Draft and in a surprise twist, the Groove Pal Penguin at outside linebacker was drafted first. Tears were shed by the Groove Pal Tiger, but all was forgotten as the star RB was swiftly taken with the 2nd Pick. Rounding out the draft in this order was Panda Pal at 3rd, Owl at 4th, Polar Bear at 5th and last but not least, Koala at 6th.

Of course, everyone is a winner when selecting a speaker from the Groove Pal lineup. Don’t let those cute looks fool you – the ferocious nature and sounds from these speakers will knock your socks off. So on this great day for NFL fans worldwide, enjoy the draft and a little music too with the GOgroove Groove Pal Speakers.