The BlueSYNC RGD has the power to save your life

Imagine, if you will, the following scenario:

Feral eyes drilling menacingly into your own. A sleek, tawny mountain lion has just stepped into the trail quietly and pauses to regard you. With a slight tremble in your hands, you reach behind you for something to scare off the wild animal.

Mountain Lion!
Mountain Lion!

Just moments before, dusk was settling on the empty hiking trail. You’d been hiking for several hours now and there have been few other travelers that have passed by. It was beginning to get eerily quiet.

You were thinking, it’s a little too quiet, so you reached for the handy BlueSYNC RGD attached to your backpack by its convenient built-in metal hoop. This lightweight but durable speaker has taken a lot of rough handling over the past few weeks but nothing seems to phase it. Even a recent flash of light rain doesn’t seem to have affected this thing, and it’s been a great companion for a lonely trail.

Flipping the switch to the on position, you were looking for your iPhone when the mountain lion suddenly appeared. At that moment you realized the BlueSYNC RGD is already paired with your iPhone so there’s no need to fish for it. Heck, your iPhone could be up to 33 feet away and the RGD would still work without directly accessing the phone.

A quick movement behind you finds the play button located in the center of the device. You turn up the volume dial to maximum as the speaker belts out the last song you were listening to, “Don’t act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots, Like blah, brrap, brrap. Pay me what you owe me, don’t act like you forgot.”

As the soulful strains of Rihanna’s hit single blast from the powerful, yet portable RGD, the mountain lion’s expression changes to one of surprise and fear. The lion decides its prey is not worth the trouble of having to endure Rihanna while eating and bolts into the surrounding brush.

This completely plausible scenario is clear evidence that the BlueSYNC RGD has the power to save your life. However, you’ll probably just use it to bring music anywhere you want to go.