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The Color of a Dress and the AudiOHM iDX

GG-AUDIOHM-iDX-COMBINED-V3 When Kim Kardashian’s famous Paper Magazine Cover was released, we all believed that it would break the internet. How naïve could we have been? Little did we know a simple article of clothing would cause more commotion than the risqué picture! At some point on February 26, 2015, a picture of a dress was posted online. Some people saw black and blue while others saw white and gold. The debate continues to rage on. Where did this dress come from? What is the actual color? Does it magically change colors? You may have thought these questions would never be answered, even keeping you up at night pondering this phenomenon. Lucky for you, we’ve done our digging and are here to set the record straight. Sorry to disappoint but no, the dress cannot magically change colors. The dress was actually intended for a wedding for the mother of the bride, and despite the overwhelming amount of people arguing for white and gold; the dress is actually black and blue.

Now that the dress myth has been debunked, let’s talk about a set of headphones with an undisputed color sequence. Of course I’m talking about the GOgroove AudiOHM iDX In-Ear Earbuds featuring colors such as Black, Blue, Red, Rasta and Yellow. Whether listening to music, working out or shopping for new dresses, the AudiOHM iDX reproduce a crisp, clear sound experience every time. The ergonomic angled design, coupled with 3 pairs of customizable silicone gels, ensure a snug fit no matter the situation. These earbuds boast an in-line microphone and a tangle free, flat cord to provide you with a comfortable functionality not regularly seen. If you’re looking for a great set of earbuds that won’t cause a color-based argument and ruin friendships worldwide, look no further than the GOgroove AudiOHM iDX. See all the colors HERE!

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