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Fast and Furious – Grabbing our Attention a Quarter Mile at a Time

GOBTFMT_1Fast cars, burned rubber and exciting stunts continue to top the box office. Fast and Furious has already become the highest-grossing movie of the franchise thus far, and continues to rake in the money. Started in 2001, the series has 6 sequels and there’s already word of at least one more. The movies have taken us across the globe including Tokyo, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. In the movies, Dominic and his crew use walkie talkies to communicate from car to car, while driving at death defying levels of speed. With all that money under the hood, you would think they’d spend a little extra cash on a better communications system. If they had only heard of GOgroove and their best-selling FM transmitters, the possibilities would have been endless.

Interior of modern new car The GOgroove FlexSMART FM Transmitters     continue to be the hottest selling  transmitters on the market. With an  expanded lineup including the popular  FlexSMART X2, X3 and all new X5, GOgroove  continues to equip cars with hands-free  calling, audio control and USB charging  capabilities. Being able to play audio  through your car’s radio with the connection  of your Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or MP3  player is not only convenient and safe, but  also keeps you out of trouble with the law.  Imagine the increased level of difficulty for each stunt, the Fast and Furious crew could have achieved if they had two hands to maneuver with. Just remember, whether you are street racing, jumping cars onto boats, pulling a safe or just stuck in traffic, the GOgroove line of FlexSMART FM Transmitters is an absolute necessity while living your life a quarter mile at a time.

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