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2015 NFL DRAFT #NFLDraft

palbot-football-draftIt’s finally here! That one day, that acts as a bridge between the Super Bowl and start of the preseason. That one day where dreams are made while others are crushed. The NFL Draft is upon us! #NFLDraft. For those of us who didn’t think we’d make it through the darkness, scared we’d never see another football again; the NFL Draft gives us a 3 day beacon of hope. The countless mock drafts, analysis, arguments and debates come to an end on this day. Starting at 8pm ET, the first pick will be made and we are off for a weekend of selections, ear to ear smiles and even some tears.

Now some of you may be thinking, is the NFL Draft really that big of a deal? The answer is yes. The first round of last year’s 2014 NFL Draft drew a combined total viewership of 32 million viewers across the NFL Network and ESPN channels. Across all 3 days, the coverage averaged 12.4 million viewers! It’s gotten so big that even our world famous GOgroove Groove Pals got in the mix. Participating in their own Mock Draft and in a surprise twist, the Groove Pal Penguin at outside linebacker was drafted first. Tears were shed by the Groove Pal Tiger, but all was forgotten as the star RB was swiftly taken with the 2nd Pick. Rounding out the draft in this order was Panda Pal at 3rd, Owl at 4th, Polar Bear at 5th and last but not least, Koala at 6th.

Of course, everyone is a winner when selecting a speaker from the Groove Pal lineup. Don’t let those cute looks fool you – the ferocious nature and sounds from these speakers will knock your socks off. So on this great day for NFL fans worldwide, enjoy the draft and a little music too with the GOgroove Groove Pal Speakers.