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12 Deals of Christmas

12 DealsThanksgiving - Come and gone like the leftovers with it.
Black Friday – Passed us by like that last deal on the shelf.
Cyber Monday – Lost, somewhere in the deep, dark corners of the wild web.

With that, let’s bring on Christmas. A holiday celebrated with bright lights, holiday cheer, abundant food, and of course an excessive amount of deals! And who would we be to not honor our civic duty as Americans and offer deals upon deals this holiday season? Introducing the 12 Deals of Christmas! Starting today and running through the 14th, GOgroove will be offering a deal a day on some of your favorite items, giving you just enough time to receive your gifts before Christmas. Let’s highlight what could and should be coming your way this month:

December 3rdGOgroove BlueVIBE CFT Bluetooth Headset
Discount: $10 OFF = $19.99

December 4thGOgroove SonaVERSE Ti Computer Tower Speakers
Discount: $10 OFF = $24.99

December 5thGOgroove Air Vent Mount
Discount: 20% OFF = $10.39

December 6thGOgroove SonaVERSE O2i Glowing LED Computer Speakers
Discount: 25% OFF = $20.25

December 7thGOgroove Groove Pal Speakers (ALL MODELS)
Discount: 50% OFF = $14.99

December 8th$10 OFF Purchase of $35 or More

December 9thGOgroove AudiOHM WD Wood Earbuds (BOTH MODELS)
Discount: Buy One Get One Half Off

December 10thGOgroove Groove Pal KDZ Headphones (ALL MODELS)
Discount: 35% OFF = $9.75

December 11thGOgroove Splatter OR3 Bluetooth Speaker
Discount: 20% OFF = $19.99

December 12thGOgroove BassPULSE 2MX USB Computer Speakers (BOTH MODELS)
Discount: 40% OFF = $14.99

December 13th$15 OFF Purchase of $50 or More

December 14thGOgroove AudiOHM Gen 1 Earbuds (ALL COLORS)
Discount: Buy One Get One Free

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El Niño is Coming… Get Your Essentials Here!

BlueSYNC-RGD_Hero_V2Winter is coming! For some, it may seem likes it already here. And with this winter season comes the phenomenon sweeping the nation. No not Star Wars; we are talking about El Niño! El Niño you ask? Yes El Niño, “the oscillation of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific having important consequences for weather around the globe.” In layman’s terms, it’s going to rain an awful lot across the southern tier of the United States.

What does this mean for you?

  • Shopping for a water-resistant wardrobe
  • Drought stricken States will finally get some water on their dying lawns and plants
  • Time to invest in IPX Rated Equipment

You have another question? What is an IPX Rating? It stands for Ingress Protection and it’s a rating that states the level of resistance your gear or devices have against water, dust and impacts. For matters of El Niño, we will be focusing most on the water-resistant side of the IPX Ratings.

Boasting an IPX4 Rating, the GOgroove BlueSYNC RDG Bluetooth Speaker is the best El Niño speaker on the market. It is water resistant, surrounded by thick silicone and will take a beating while still playing your favorite tunes. This strong IPX4 Rating makes it perfect for El Niño conditions: rain, wind, floods and humidity!

gg-bluevibef1t_mainFor those brave souls planning to bike and jog through the storm, we have an IPX6 water-resistant Bluetooth sports headset for you. The GOgroove BlueVIBE F1T provides comfort, durability and style as you battle those harsh elements.

Whatever you choose, the El Niño is coming and now is as good a time as any to stock up on IPX Rated products. For those of you planning on hibernating throughout the winter, we have a great deal running until this Monday! Use promo code ‘HDXSOUND’ to receive a $5 discount on our brand new GOgroove AudiOHM HDX In-Ear Headphones. They’re ultra-durable, feature soft gel earbuds and a noise isolating design, and even include an in-line microphone. Secure yours today www.gogroove.com. As always, any purchase over $35 gets free shipping!

2015 Mobile World Congress and the Accessories to Match

GGBVDLX100BKEW-BlueVIBE DLX COMBINEDAll this week, the internet was buzzing with up-to-the-minute announcements on the latest and greatest consumer technology to be released during the 2015 Mobile World Congress. Everything from the Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and more phones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, computers and virtual reality headsets were introduced. I know what you’re thinking… Why is it called the Mobile World Congress when it features so many items that are not themselves, mobile? That is a great question, but let’s discuss accessories.

With the latest and greatest technologies being released, you’ll need access to some of the hottest headphones, earbuds, speakers and transmitters on the market. Did you decide to pick up the latest Samsung Galaxy S6? You’ll need a pair of the stylish GOgroove BlueVIBE DLX Bluetooth Headphones to match. Or  you went a different route and got the HP Spectre x360 laptop? You have to get one of the hottest computer speakers on the market. Of course I’m talking about the GOgroove BassPULSE Speakers in blue or red. Whatever cutting-edge technology is released, remember GOgroove is your one stop shop for all things audio.

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The Color of a Dress and the AudiOHM iDX

GG-AUDIOHM-iDX-COMBINED-V3 When Kim Kardashian’s famous Paper Magazine Cover was released, we all believed that it would break the internet. How naïve could we have been? Little did we know a simple article of clothing would cause more commotion than the risqué picture! At some point on February 26, 2015, a picture of a dress was posted online. Some people saw black and blue while others saw white and gold. The debate continues to rage on. Where did this dress come from? What is the actual color? Does it magically change colors? You may have thought these questions would never be answered, even keeping you up at night pondering this phenomenon. Lucky for you, we’ve done our digging and are here to set the record straight. Sorry to disappoint but no, the dress cannot magically change colors. The dress was actually intended for a wedding for the mother of the bride, and despite the overwhelming amount of people arguing for white and gold; the dress is actually black and blue.

Now that the dress myth has been debunked, let’s talk about a set of headphones with an undisputed color sequence. Of course I’m talking about the GOgroove AudiOHM iDX In-Ear Earbuds featuring colors such as Black, Blue, Red, Rasta and Yellow. Whether listening to music, working out or shopping for new dresses, the AudiOHM iDX reproduce a crisp, clear sound experience every time. The ergonomic angled design, coupled with 3 pairs of customizable silicone gels, ensure a snug fit no matter the situation. These earbuds boast an in-line microphone and a tangle free, flat cord to provide you with a comfortable functionality not regularly seen. If you’re looking for a great set of earbuds that won’t cause a color-based argument and ruin friendships worldwide, look no further than the GOgroove AudiOHM iDX. See all the colors HERE!

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