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The Kylie Jenner Challenge: The Bruises Sweeping the Nation

lipsV2By now you must have heard of the new craze sweeping the nation: bruised lips. The Kylie Jenner Challenge or #KylieJennerChallenge, has young girls nationwide suctioning their lips into small glasses in an attempt to make their lips look fuller. As the air gets locked in the glass, blood flows into the lips and they begin to swell, almost as if they’ve been treated with Botox.  On the surface, this may not seem like the brightest idea in the world but some girls are actually emerging with fuller looking lips. Some on the other hand, are ending up with nothing but dark bruised lips. Let’s all be honest here, this may be the worst idea we’ve seen in quite some time. Even Kylie herself is denouncing the practice. Yet young teenage girls continue to try it out. The horror!

To our surprise, one of our own has been affected by this challenge. The GOgroove Pal Bot took the challenge and let’s just say, it did not turn out too hot. Despite the bruised lips and the embarrassment that comes alongside it, Pal Bot continues to come into work day after day to provide the office with music. Despite the look of this individual speaker, the Pal Bot is available at www.gogroove.com without any bruised lips. Now you can enjoy your music wherever you go. Get yours today!