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Flash Deal: 1¢ GOgroove BlueSYNC H2O Bluetooth Shower Speaker

BlueSYNC_H20_3Year_NoCallAfter a brief hiatus, we are back and better than ever! We apologize to the countless number of fans affected by our “dead” airwaves but we are starting our comeback with a bang! And by bang, we mean more bang for your buck or in this case your penny. To express our sincerest apologies, we are proud to bring you our first “Groove Grab!”

Come visit and LIKE our Facebook page this Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 10am PST to be one of the lucky fans to get one of 50 1¢ codes given out for our GOgroove BlueSYNC H2O Bluetooth Shower Speaker. To sweeten the deal, we will be offering another 50 1¢ codes on Wednesday, Oct. 21st and Thursday, Oct. 22nd. That’s 3 chances to get your hands on a Bluetooth shower speaker for just a penny! For those of you who miss out, we will have an additional 150 codes dropping the speaker to $12.99! Visit and LIKE the page here https://www.facebook.com/accessorypower/app_185905251744291

So why is this important for you? Let’s discuss a brief history of the penny as it hits you that you’ve just came across the deal of a lifetime:

  • The penny was the first currency of any type authorized by the United States
  • The original penny was 5x times heavier and almost 50% larger than today’s version
  • The first penny was struck in 1787 by a private mint
  • No pennies were minted in 1815 due to a copper shortage cause by the War of 1812
  • In 1909 to commemorate his 100th birthday, Abraham Lincoln was the first historical figure to be placed on a U.S. coin

Still not sold? Did you know shower speakers cause positive life impacts on all those affected? Take a look:

  • Ultimate singing in the shower companion
  • Unlimited potential to listen to high quality music anytime, anywhere
  • Don’t lose the adrenaline rush from working out. Take your workout tunes with you as you cool down in the shower
  • Never worry about a wet phone again! This bad boy has a speakerphone that allows you to take hands-free calls

Remember the codes are available starting Oct. 20 through Oct. 22. Don’t miss this deal! Be sure to FOLLOW and LIKE our Facebook page to unlock this deal and more! https://www.facebook.com/accessorypower/app_185905251744291

Be on Time, Charge your Phone and Enjoy Music all with one Wood Block

GG_BLUESYNC_TYM_lifestyleWood blocks have served many purposes throughout our society’s history. They have been used to build shelter, cabins and houses. They have been used in music as a slit drum percussion instrument. They have even been used as teaching tools to shape the young minds of babies and toddlers. But never has one single wood block served so many purposes. The GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM is a 3-in-1 wood block functioning as an alarm clock, stereo speaker and charging station for your smartphone. Be on time, charge your phone and enjoy your music from this one amazing wood block!

Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology, the BlueSYNC TYM streams wireless music from the latest tablets, smartphones, laptops and more. Not only functioning as a speaker and charging station, the TYM works as an alarm clock with bright LED display that shines right through the wood. The onboard controls allow you to change the time, set alarms, raise or lower volume and more! Don’t pass up this opportunity to own the most highly advanced wood block of our time. Visit www.gogroove.com to secure yours today!

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New Year’s Resolutions

New-Years-ResolutionWith the holidays coming to a close and 2015 knocking on the door, New Year’s Resolutions continue to be talked about and thrown around. Some of the more common resolutions include eating healthy, losing weight, working out, saving money or spending more time with loved ones. One of the most overlooked resolutions this year will be no longer settling for second rate audio. We as a society cannot continue into 2015 settling on poor audio quality and music functions. GOgroove Audio is here to break the mold. With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) around the corner, some new items as well as some classic oldies will help us live up to these resolutions.

We are starting to flex our muscles with the release of our new rugged line of speakers and earbuds. Introducing the GOgroove BlueSYNC RGD Speaker and GOgroove AudiOHm RNF Line of Earbuds. The rugged speaker is built to last through the harshest of conditions while the earbuds come with an unprecedented lifetime warranty!

Shining bright since their CES debut last year, the BLUE BassPULSE Speaker System will be expanding into 5 new colors, including RED, GREEN, PURPLE, ORANGE, YELLOW and AMBER.

Lastly, GOgroove has decided to make a splash with our new H2O Headphones and Shower Speaker. Each have an iPX 8 Certified Waterproof rating and provide great audio output even through the wettest conditions.

Don’t start off your New Year’s Resolutions with unimpressive audio. GOgroove is here to help you start your 2015 off on the right foot. From all of us at GOgroove, have a happy and safe New Years!

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