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Color, Sound, and Other Foreign Concepts.

GG_basspulse_abstractI’ve never been exceptional at math. I was always more focused on artsy stuff like painting or singing or making decorative cheeses. So I went along my way and started putting my talents toward color or music. I would be the person to master sight and sound, eventually becoming the world’s best one-man-band-slash-pointillism-and-or-color-by-numbers-expert (And as such, becoming rightful owner of the known universe). I encountered two immediate problems with this. First off, painting by numbers and any sort of music require at least basic math skills, music requiring that you can count to four multiple times in a row and color-by-numbers literally having “numbers” IN THE NAME. Secondly, I found out that in the “being the world’s best at visuals and audio” category, I was already at a disadvantage.

I found out that there are people in the world who are not only experts of sight and sound, they actually can HEAR colors and SEE sounds. In reality, it is actually quite a bit more complicated (as most things in reality are), but I was devastatingly jealous all the same. The phenomenon is called Synesthesia, which essentially boils down to having extra connections in the brain that cause correlations between senses that would otherwise be separated. One such form of Synesthesia involves associating letters or numbers with inherent color categories, or a specific chord sounding a little too “green” for your taste. The condition is exceptionally rare and is super difficult to test with science because perception varies from person to person (why we have such unanswerable questions such as “Do you and I see the same color red?” And “Does this dress make me look fat?”).

Whether or not you have Synesthesia, you can see color and light in music with the GOgroove BassPULSE Speaker: a powerful Bass speaker with LED colored lights that pulseBassPULSE2MX_RED_Main-V3 with the music you’re listening to. It has a cool geometric design embedded into the clear plastic that catches the light from the LEDs at the bottom of the panel, and the bass sound packs a punch! If the big woofer design isn’t your style, you could also try the BassPULSE 2MX, a smaller desktop speaker that glows along the bottom and gives your office or desk an elegant look while sounding fantastic.

Also in the realm of LED speakers, the SonaVERSE O2I  and SonaVERSE TI speakers from GOgroove both feature beautiful blue accents and powerful sound. But if you really want your see color in your music, go for the GOgroove MOVE L3D portable speaker and mood light. The four color-changing-orb design will have you staring at it for as long as your attention span for pretty colors is (approximately 7.5 hours in most users).

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