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Adventure Starts Here

An adventure can be an exciting or unusual experience. It may be risky or dangerous, oftentimes without a certain outcome. An adventure may involve life or death decisions or unsafe financial situations. Whatever or however it may come about, the thought of adventure has always created a certain arousal of the senses for the people involved. One of the most groundbreaking adventures of all time was when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon in 1969 in what may be considered the greatest step of adventure of all time. In one of the most spirited adventures of the decade, Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic in 1927 aboard a single-engine plane. Coincidentally, that plane was named the “Spirit of St. Louis.” Spirited indeed.

Interior of modern new carFor the rest of us common folk, an adventure maybe something as simple as a hike in the mountains, a fishing trip out to sea or the ever popular road trip with our friends or family. For those of us taking the roads to adventure, the all new GOgroove FlexSMART X5 is the perfect companion. The FlexSMART X5 allows you to play audio through your car on any road trip through your Bluetooth smartphone, tablet or MP3. With auto-pairing technology, the X5 automatically enters pairing mode when powered on and will remember the last device used.

The functionality of the FlexSMART X5 does not come close to rivaling the adventurous nature of this transmitter. The X5 can be used through the car’s DC port, suspended on your visor or even attached to your car’s air vent! The adventurous side of the X5 gives it the portability to travel all over your car, while you travel all over the world. Don’t take your next great adventure without the adventurous and multi-functional GOgroove FlexSMART X5!

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